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A modest social experiment in which an average white guy with harsher-than-average film opinions sits down to watch and offer honest and open reactions to all of African-American writer/director Tyler Perry’s movies.  Follow along with his reaction.

Today’s installment:  Diary of a Mad Black Woman

madblack0:00:30Open on Atlanta; opening credits don’t seem mad at all.  In fact, they’re quite…wait, is this a Disney movie?

0:00:41 – “and introducing Tyler Perry;”  I suppose that’s an appropriate beginning to this project.

0:003:16 – Is the narrator really the same as this actress they are showing?  The voice does not match.  Also, she has a very Film Noir quality to her narration.  I assume this is intentional?  Is there a fedora-wearing private detective in this movie?

0:04:01 – She finally talked…I guess it is her.

0:04:24 – Oooh.  Helen and Charles are NOT a happy couple.  If only there was a large black man in drag to lighten things up a bit.

0:04:50 – Charles seems like a great guy.  Any woman would be lucky to have him.

0:05:52 – …and there’s the diary.  Now, just waiting for “solemn and thoughtful complaining” to become “mad.”

0:06:38 – Dun dun duuuuuun.  Charles has a secret family?!

0:07:16 – This dude better be dead by the second act.  What a dickweed.



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