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What more could I possibly add?

What more could I possibly add?

It’s zombie season and the whole world is getting in on the act. Most recently, Anna Nicole Smith, the one time hot playmate, then kinda skanky wife to really old guy, then combative widow, then dead bitch, and now zombie, may or may not be trying to kill her ex-husband’s son.

The FBI, who aren’t familiar with running successful operations or keeping secrets, accidentally let it slip that they once were investigating Anna Nicole.

Dick Cheney was quick to condemn them for risking national security by letting the bad guys know our next move. You may want to check out the poll to weigh in on whether Cheney is the pot in this name calling scenario.

But Cheney has a point. If we keep letting the zombies know all of our best zombie fighting tactics or tell them how much we know about their future plans, it just makes it that much easier for the zombies to work around our agents to get the brains they need to survive.



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A modest social experiment in which an average white guy with harsher-than-average film opinions sits down to watch and offer honest and open reactions to all of African-American writer/director Tyler Perry’s movies.  Follow along with his reaction.

Today’s installment:  Diary of a Mad Black Woman

madblack0:00:30Open on Atlanta; opening credits don’t seem mad at all.  In fact, they’re quite…wait, is this a Disney movie?

0:00:41 – “and introducing Tyler Perry;”  I suppose that’s an appropriate beginning to this project.

0:003:16 – Is the narrator really the same as this actress they are showing?  The voice does not match.  Also, she has a very Film Noir quality to her narration.  I assume this is intentional?  Is there a fedora-wearing private detective in this movie?

0:04:01 – She finally talked…I guess it is her.

0:04:24 – Oooh.  Helen and Charles are NOT a happy couple.  If only there was a large black man in drag to lighten things up a bit.

0:04:50 – Charles seems like a great guy.  Any woman would be lucky to have him.

0:05:52 – …and there’s the diary.  Now, just waiting for “solemn and thoughtful complaining” to become “mad.”

0:06:38 – Dun dun duuuuuun.  Charles has a secret family?!

0:07:16 – This dude better be dead by the second act.  What a dickweed.


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