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With October comes the first month of college basketball season. Sure, Midnight Madness won’t occur across the country until midnight on October 16th, but we can look ahead. And what do we have to look forward to?

2009 National Champions North Carolina Tar Heels

2009 National Champions North Carolina Tar Heels

Honestly, not much. 2010 is going to be the worst year of college basketball since the NCAA started holding championships. Think about it. Which teams are being tossed around as top 5 teams? There are some obvious ones: Kansas, Michigan State, Villanova. But after that, who gets mentioned? Texas? Oklahoma? UNC? Duke? Kentucky? Purdue?

Those are teams being considered for the 4th best team in America in the 2010 season. Things really couldn’t be any worse for college basketball fans. Consider this, a team coached by Rick Barnes has a legitimate chance to win the National Championship. Kentucky, a team that went to the NIT last year, lost their leading scorer and added a great recruiting class and is widely considered a top 5 team. UNC won the title, then lost their top 4 players to the NBA and are still considered a top 10 team. Duke lost their best player and now has only 3 scholarship guards on their team and yet, you guessed it, top 10. Oklahoma loses the National Player of the Year. Still top 10. Purdue? What a joke.

So, brace yourself college basketball fans. It’ll be competitive, but it’ll be difficult to watch. Almost like watching old people have sex.


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