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Justine Henin refuses to go away

Justine Henin refuses to go away

Former world number one and compulsive whiner, Justine Henin, once again shocked nobody by announcing she will end her brief, 15-month “retirement” following fellow countrywoman Kim Clijster’s return and surprising win at this year’s U.S. Open earlier this month.

“A flame I thought was extinguished forever suddenly lit up again,” Henin announced.  She apparently hopes to compete at the top of the sport again as soon as next January’s Australian Open…where she will undoubtedly lose, complain about some illness or injury, then hold a tear-filled press-conference announcing how her “road has come to an end….again.”

When asked if it would have just been better to announce that she needed some time away from the sport to rest and regroup rather than labeling it “retiring,” the quitter responded, “Did Kim call it that?  Because if that’s what she did, then probably.”

The 7-time Grand Slam winner’s return to the game is expected to last forever due to the fact that her abrupt departure and general not being around was the kind of great thing for the world of sports that only happens once.  It may simply never happen again in this millennium.


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