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Ring Ring... It's the Future!

Ring Ring... It's the Future!

Many of us quit painting rocks in 4th grade art class.  For inhabitants of Knoxville, TN it defines their collective collegiate existence.  Take the above picture of super-recruit Tobias Harris in front of the painted likeness of his back (apparently Eastern Tennesseeans cannot artistically render human hands), for example.  Having a cartoonish image of your rear side painted on a large boulder in Appalachian Tennessee has to be the highlight of one’s autumn (which, coincidentally is the best season).

Only one problem: that shirt I see Tobias sporting bears a rather large non-Adidas symbol.  Better hope the Under Armour equivalent of World Wide Wes doesn’t get involved in this one… 

But never fear.  Any amount of persuasion attempted towards Sir Harris will be curtailed by the lasting image of himself  emblazened on a ginormous piece of quartzite, neckless and sporting the trademark Volunteer headband-yarmulke.  Afterall…  nothing shows you care more, like a Rock!  Cue Bob Seger.

Vols, bitch!


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