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Spartan US 20

The EJSIC is now offering US Currency Portraits for our readers. Just send us a hundred dollar bill and a photo and we’ll get back to you.


  • Two Louisville basketball players were arrested over the weekend. Rick Pitino has heard their message loud and clear and will now guarantee more minutes for both.
  • Golfer loses his arm to gator. Happy Gilmore is en route.


  • 25 defaced pieces of US currency. It’s going to be useless soon anyway, right?
  • Tara Reid poses for Playboy. I’m guessing the 5 people who haven’t seen her boobs yet will be thrilled.
  • 9 words that don’t mean what you think. (Cracked)


  • Glenn Beck + Cocaine = Stephen Colbert.
  • Fox News watchers are generally more misinformed than other major news watchers. I would say this is surprising, but that would be misleading.

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