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I think we’d be remiss in not mentioning the start of the baseball playoffs, which begin tonight on TBS with a one game play-in between the Tigers and the Twins for the AL Central crown.  Less than 24 hours after the Metrodome hosted (arguably) the most significant football game in its existence, our beloved ‘Sotans roll out the blue saran-wrapped outfield walls for an (un-)equally important baseball game (I keed, dontcha know).

Heaven forbid we blasphemize Favre with the retired Twins numbers

Heaven forbid we blasphemize Favre with the retired Twins' numbers

Later on the Deuce, the Troy Trojans play the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders in a riveting  listless Sun Belt showdown.  In a mildly ironic twist, the Blue Raiders feature a ‘horse’ as their primary mascot and the battle (Kellen Winslow’s words, not mine) is in Troy’s home stadium (a word of Roman not Greek origin).  If I were the Trojans, I would probably reject any gifts that come to the locker room during halftime (Fool me once, shame on you)…

Speaking of ifs… If I were a younger man, I might pull a sports mini-marathon to catch both of these non-captivating games with the only interruption being intermittent Halo 3 matches and the occasional hiss of a Rock Green Light being opened.  But alas, tonight I must bathe my wife and put her down to bed at 7:30 p.m. then stay up to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta with my 1 y/o daughter.  Or is that the other way around? 

Ah, to be young again…


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